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Rally Information


10.00............................ Briefing for days activities

10.15 – 11.15............… Lesson 1

11.15 – 11.30............... 15 minute Break

11.30 – 12.30................ Lesson 2

.................................…. Lunch

1.30 – 2.30................... Afternoon Session


Riders are requested to pick up all manure and hay/straw in the area where they park their horse floats before leaving the grounds.

Hay must be fed in an appropriate hay bag at all NARC events and any hay spilt on the ground must be picked up before leaving.

Rallies are conducted on the last Sunday of the month.

If weather is inclement and you are unsure whether the rally is still on, please check the NARC Facebook page.  Any decision to cancel will be made no later than 8.00 on Sunday morning and posted on facebook.

Riders must report for rally registration and Equipment Set Up between 9.30 and 10.00.  Please be saddled up, and warmed up by the commencement of the first lesson at 10:15. 

Safety Reminder: At all NARC events, you must wear an AS/NZS 3838 approved safety helmet and smooth soled riding boots. Random checks of helmets will be conducted periodically.



In the interest of safety, riders must follow the directive of instructors at all times.  Riders are not permitted to use club equipment when not under the supervision of an instructor.

All warm up and ground familiarisation should be completed before the commencement of lessons.


Lunging, leading and riding without supervision of an instructor are not permitted whilst lessons are in progress.

Use of Mobile Phones during lessons is not permitted.



The committee appreciates the assistance members have given in setting up and dismantling equipment at rallies.

Please contact any one of your committee if you have any questions.



In addition to the standard format of our regular rallies, we have separate class that caters for people not quite ready to join the current lessons.  This runs to the same time schedules as the usual classes and is known as the "Settling In" class.

It is a flexible concept depending on the level of interest (numbers) each rally and what people want to achieve on the day (how settled the horse is and/or confident the rider is).  In some instances there will be just one class on others there may be two as numbers will be capped at 4. 

The concept will be totally flexible and decisions on how it will work will be made once we have bookings and know what each rider’s situation is.  After consultation with the instructor and the riders a decision will be made as to whether led or ridden activities (or both) are provided.

Some examples of situations where this class may be useful;

  • New riders to NARC

  • To settle down a potentially excited horse

  • First outing with a new horse

  • Horse returning from a break

  • Young and green horse

  • Not sure about communication between you and your horse

  • Looking for a transition from CBG to other activities

  • Want a slower start to your rally day

  • You or your horse not sure about working in a larger group


Bookings for this class will be through the rally bookings page of the website.


For phone enquiries prior, please contact Norma Cormican 0412 845 375

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